Hydrocodone Addiction Withdrawal

Hydrocodone is an opiate made from the bane and codeine. These are natural substances found in opium. It is used to relive severe pain and suppresses coughs. Being an opiate makes it quite addictive. This means that it has to be used as prescribed. Anyone who feels that the drug is no longer effective should not adjust the dose without the doctor’s permission. There are unpleasant Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal symptoms. They can be terrible and one requires professional help to overcome them. The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on the length of time that the addict has used the drug. The amount taken also determines the kind of withdrawal symptoms that one suffers. Here are some of the Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal symptoms:

Hydrocodone Addiction Withdrawal

  1. The mood of an addict is affected in a great way when one stops taking the drug. Some people experience dysphoria as a withdrawal symptom. This depends on one’s skills to cope with the unpleasant symptoms. They become anxious, irritated, restless, and depressed. Opium is known to give euphoric feelings and makes the addict suffer from terrible moods when the drugs are no longer used. Hydrocodone gives the user false joy which does not last. With professional help, one can cope with bad moods and become drug free.
  2. The first withdrawal symptoms that can be noticed are those that are physical. The addict will have a runny nose, lack sleep, yawn, sweat, become sluggish, and agitated. The intensity of the symptoms increases as one continues to go without the drug. The person withdrawing from Hydrocodone addiction will have dilated pupils or pain in the abdomen, sometimes accompanied by loose bowels. Other symptoms include vomiting, nausea, and goose bumps. The heart rate can also change, and close monitoring has to be done. This is to ensure that the addict does not suffer from any complications.

Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal symptoms are devastating to most people. However, they are not life threatening. They can start within a short time, around four hours after one has taken his or her dose. They worsen after more than forty eight hours. It takes about seven days for an addict to recover from Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal symptoms. This is one drug derived from opium that takes a short time to overcome.

Hydrocodone has other medications added to it. This makes it less severe than other opiates, like heroine, morphine, and codeine. There are other effective painkillers made without any opioid analgesics, including ibuprofen and acetaminophen. They have limited toxicity and users do not become addicted to them. They are usually good choices that ensure patients do not have to go through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of Hydrocodone. Some people become addicted without knowing it and it is not easy to quit.

Always see a professional physician to get the right help when experiencing withdrawal symptoms related to Hydrocodone abuse and addiction.

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