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Today, most people addicted to Hydrocodone say they did not realize they were falling into a trap of addiction. Their becoming trapped could have been caused by a number of reasons. It is said the number of addicts increases every year. There are some possible reasons that make innocent people become victims of Hydrocodone addiction. Here are some of them:

  1. Many people are not aware that Hydrocodone is addictive, only that it is an effective pain reliever. This makes them become addicted as they treat various conditions.
  2. In modern society, Hydrocodone is viewed as an advanced medication. People opt to use it when in pain and do not believe that other medications can give the relief they need.
  3. Hydrocodone Addiction

  4. If Hydrocodone is not kept safely, kids can take it. This can make them addicts in no time. Remember, it’s an opiate and it will give a good feeling, meaning it should be stored in a locked cabinet.
  5. Some doctors are not well informed of Hydrocodone side-effects. This medication is very addictive, and yet doctors continue to prescribe it to patients even when there are other options. This has seen many people become addicts as they try to fight pain.

These factors are just some of causes of Hydrocodone addiction in modern society. There are many people struggling with this problem, most of them typical drug addicts because they got hooked after using it to treat some pain. There are some signs that can be used tell if someone is addicted.

One common signs of addiction to Hydrocodone is if a patient starts taking more than the prescribed dose. Some patients start finding other ways to take the medication. Normally, the pills are swallowed, but an addict may starts crushing and snorting the tablets. This calls for help before the addiction becomes too much.

If someone is finishing their tablets quickly, it could be a sign that they are addicts. As the body becomes used to the doses, the addict is forced to use more. An addicted person will keep changing doctors to make sure that they give prescriptions to buy the drug. They will opt to get them from the streets if they cannot get a prescription. They become secretive about their medication and will not allow anyone to know about their supply.

It is usually not easy for a person to overcome Hydrocodone addiction without professional help. The body will demand the opiates, leading to symptoms that include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps

The person may get nervous and anxious. Tremors and shakes can occur. An addict sweats a lot and feels chilly at the same time. It is good to know that these symptoms do not have any medical danger. They last for around five days, the worst being the third day. With help of a qualified physician, one will overcome these symptoms.

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